Our People

We strive to be the best at what we do, and that starts with the neurophysiologists who care for patients in the operating room. Over 50% of our team possess an advanced degree, ranging from Doctorate to Master’s degrees. Included among our neurophysiologists are doctors of Audiology, Chiropractics and Neuroscience, as well as medical doctors, just to name a few.  Our goal is to have 100% of our neurophysiologists CNIM ­certified within their first year of employment. The highest level of certification within the field of IONM is granted to doctoral-level providers by the American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (ABNM). Presently, three of our neurophysiologists are Diplomates of the ABNM. We take neuromonitoring seriously and our neurophysiologists are a reflection of that passion and commitment.


Real-time, expert medical consultation is integral to neuromonitoring. Led by our Medical Director, Dr. Jack Stern, MD, PhD, our expert team of neurologists is specially trained in IONM. Most of our neurologists carry fellowships in clinical neurophysiology, and all are certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

“I have worked closely with the SPN neurophysiology team over the past couple of years and have found the team extremely competent and enjoyable to work with. We have assembled an intelligent, talented, motivated and highly responsible group of neurophysiologists. Their clinical evaluations, data interpretation and patient formulations are thoughtful and focused on pertinent issues. They are always professional and I have never witnessed them frustrated, even when challenged with difficult situations. I’m proud to be part of this expert care team.”
— Edgar DePeralta, MD

Professional Development

SPN provides all the necessary resources for you to refine your neurophysiology skills and develop your career. As an SPN neurophysiologist, you will have the opportunity to learn new trades - in and out of the OR - and shape your career according to your own vision. From opportunities to work on advanced case types, to developing skills in new diagnostic service lines, we’re here to help you build your career! Clinical specializations in various areas of expertise will help you enhance your skills, while management roles allow neurophysiologists to explore the administrative side of our operation.


 “Intrapreneurship” – or being enterprising within the company – is at the very core of our culture. When we see something that could work better or be done at a higher standard, we make it happen! Several team members have created new departments, service lines and products for SPN, from a diagnostic testing service to educational partnerships with world-renowned academic centers and industry associations. We’re a place where thinking outside the box and sharing ideas are encouraged and supported at all levels.



In or out of the operating room, being a neurophysiologist requires a high level of autonomy and professionalism. We work hard to provide clinical, technical and administrative support to our clinical team to ensure they have the tools and resources to provide the highest level of patient care. Our neurophysiologists carry their own neuromonitoring systems and are supported 24/7/365 by our dedicated Quality Assurance team, clinical services group, IT department and scheduling coordinator.


“The support we receive as clinicians in the field is invaluable to delivering the highest quality service and patient care; whether it’s our scheduling department that does an excellent job dealing with ever changing schedules, the IT department handling all manner of computer or equipment issues, or our clinical services group whose combined experience has demonstrated time and time again that large or small, case complications can be handled quickly and deftly.”
— Jonathan Dilgen, PhD