Dr. Ettinger is a nationally-known epilepsy specialist who has dedicated his life to helping individuals with seizures and related disorders. He is a former Professor in the Department of Clinical Neurology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a former member of the national Professional Advisory Board and the Executive Board of Directors of the Epilepsy Foundation of America. Dr. Ettinger completed his neurology and EEG/Epilepsy fellowship training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and holds an MBA from Hofstra University.


Cynthia leads our EEG technologist group, overseeing training, quality control and technical data oversight. Cynthia oversees new customer integration and daily operations. Cynthia started her career in EEG over 30 years ago as a senior technologist and educator. She has since managed several EEG labs at leading institutions throughout the Northeast and served as a product trainer for a leading EEG device manufacturer. Cynthia holds a BS in Healthcare Administration and Behavioral Sciences from Charter Oak State College and Eastern Connecticut State University.




Dylan is the founder and Executive VP of SPD. Prior to starting SPD, Dylan was the founding member of Safe Passage Neuromonitoring (SPN). At SPN, Dylan held various roles including business development, operations and finance and was part of the executive team who oversaw the company’s growth from inception to $20M+ in annual sales. Dylan is a graduate of Brandeis University and recently completed his MBA from Columbia Business School.


While there are many EEG service providers throughout the U.S., SafePassage EEG Services is the only company with a senior leader in the field of EEG and Epileptology (Dr. Alan Ettinger) at the helm whose time is fully dedicated to providing EEG services to clinicians.  Because of his direct involvement and vigorous interaction with physician referrers, healthcare providers receive extraordinary assistance in their diagnosis of seizures and related disorders.

Drawing upon his research and many publications in the field of Neurology and in epilepsy, along with decades of clinical experience as EEG and Epilepsy Director at diverse epilepsy centers, Dr. Ettinger is uniquely aware of the needs of healthcare providers faced with difficult diagnostic challenges.  Rather than simply providing the mechanics for attaining an EEG, Dr. Ettinger and his clinical team work with each referring physician in designing the optimal EEG studies, and in communicating and discussing study results.  Dr. Ettinger’s textbooks including Psychiatric Issues in Epilepsy (Lippincott), Managing Epilepsy and Co-existing Conditions (Butterworth Heineman), Neurologic Differential Diagnosis (Cambridge University Press) and Synopsis of Neurologic and Psychiatric Complications of Systemic Disorders (Cambridge University Press) are leading references for neurologists and enable SafePassage EEG Service to provide top expertise in rendering services to clients.

ON THE TECHNICAL SIDE SafePassage EEG Service studies are executed under the direction of Ms. Cynthia Swick, a leader in the field of EEG technology and one of the most experienced EEG technologist in the U.S.  Many clinicians receiving EEG reports may not be aware of the technical difficulties that may have compromised portions of the EEG recordings.  Under the direction of Ms. Swick, EEG technologists receive vigorous supervision and quality assurance on the performance of EEG.  Technologists at SafePassage EEG Service also participate in weekly educational sessions, designed to enhance knowledge and perform quality assurance reviews of recent studies. 

Select EEG technologists also provide intensive screening and “pruning” study preparation for subsequent review by the interpreting physician.  These technologists receive constant education and feedback in their interpretations by the SafePassage EEG Service's clinical team.