For Surgeons, by Surgeons

Our founders and owners are surgeons who have used neuromonitoring in their operating room for over 30 years. One of our founders, Dr. Seth Neubardt, invented the Pedicle Probe, a device currently marketed by Medtronic’s NIM division, and he was part of the early development of several IONM technologies now widely used in the field. Our founders recognize the difference between a neurophysiologist and a tech, between experts and placeholders. We’ve built our culture, policies and processes around that notion.

“Jack and I formed Safe Passage as an answer to our own needs.  We wanted people working with us who would provide the absolute highest quality, most reliable and ‘user friendly’ intraoperative monitoring in America.  By incorporating the neurophysiologists into our personal operating room spine team for training, we have been able to instill that culture of excellence throughout the entire Safe Passage work force.  It’s the little things that only a surgeon would notice or care about that I feel make our people different.  You see it in how they talk to patients pre-operatively, how they place needles quickly so as not to slow down starting a case, how they set the cables around the operating table to keep everything clear of the surgeons feet, how they speak up clearly and loudly when something is wrong but also know how to keep a low profile in the operating room when everything is going well. As a surgeon, I demand excellence from everyone on my team and I can say with absolute certainty that I get that with Safe Passage by my side.”
— Seth Neubardt, MD, FACS

Work. Life. You.

At SPN, Patient safety is our touchstone, and we strive to combine that goal with another:  to attract, nurture and retain the best talent by providing a challenging and rewarding workplace.  It is very important to us that our team members’ lives and careers are treated with care and consideration.  While we recognize that Healthcare roles can often bring challenging schedules, we keep a focus on our people and work towards providing balance in team assignments and career development.

Coming soon: See our neurophysiologists page to see a “Day in the Life” at SPN, and learn how SPN people are making a difference.

Mission Trips & Volunteerism

Patient care is at the heart of everything we do and we’ve offered many of our neurophysiologists the chance to participate in medical mission trips and other volunteer opportunities. On many occasions, SPN neurophysiologists have had the opportunity to monitor a record number of complex cases in poverty-stricken regions of the world as part of large medical mission organizations. SPN neurophysiologists have made trips to places like Uganda, China, Dominican Republic, Vietnam and Trinidad & Tobago.


Regional & Team Meetings

Neuromonitoring can be a lonely profession. We strive to make every team member not only understand the importance they play in the organization as a whole but consistently feel like part of the family.  Each regional team operates as a unit and meets regularly to discuss cases, operational issues, and socialize. This is an important part of life at SPN that we take seriously. Once a month, the executive and management team holds an “all­-hands call” where general company updates and hot topics are discussed, including a general Q&A with an open floor for all team members to communicate with management.

Annual Retreat

It's been a yearly tradition ever since the company's inception! Once a year we get the whole team together for a weekend. We discuss important business updates, review clinical topics and get a chance to relax, socialize and celebrate our accomplishments! We've held retreats in Boston, Brooklyn and most recently Mohonk Mountain House Resort in the Hudson Valley!

CEO Outreach

Every once in a while, you will get a call from our awesome CEO, Dan Siegel. He just wants to check in to see how things are going!

“Working at Safe Passage, you get a real feeling of being valued not only as an employee, but as a person.  Dan, our CEO, creates a very special dynamic and personal relationship with each of us.  He makes himself accessible to everyone on the team and encourages open honest communication.  Individual opinions, ideas, and voices not only matter but are heard.”
— Irene Vamos, DC